Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Xen Tan Mission!

I've always been of the impression that I was too pale for fake tan. I've tried almost every fake tan there is, from gradual tanners to the infamous St Tropez. But it seems no matter the price tag or the blurb of promises, I always end up an orange mess. I'm really pale, something I can thank my Irish ancestors for, and not just your usual pale, but the pale that is almost white! (Think Nicola Roberts or Dita Von Tease) I pondered whether my lack of tanning success was down to the tan needing the pigment in your skin to work off, so i wrote off fake tan and submitted myself to a life of palery!.. Yes, I did just make up that word.

And then, like a knight in golden armour, came the mighty Xen Tan! I'd heard nothing but praise off other bloggers and YouTubers of this revolutionary fake tan. That it mopped the floor with the ever popular St Tropez, and the fact that it smelt of vanilla didn't hurt either. I ordered myself the Dark Lotion, Body Scrub and a Delux Tanning Mitt off ebay, not really expecting much.

I can hand on heart say, this tan has changed my life. I'm now a tanning addict, marvelling at my brown (NOT orange) skin! But I was having one problem with it, it claims to last up to 7 days but I found myself having to re-apply after 3. I mentioned on my Twitter my disappointment about this and Xen Tan did there best to help me out.

As I've not been a big tanner in the past, I think it's safe to say my rapid fading was down to two things; 1.) application technique and 2.) my insistence on showering twice a day!

The lovely Amy from Xen Tan advised my to purchase the Transform Luxe Gradual Tanner and apply when I feel my tan needs topping up, rather than applying a full whack of the dark stuff! She also sent me a little tanning guide with useful tips and tricks on how to get the best of both your fake tanning routine at home and if you get a spray tan at a salon.

I thought this was really nice of them. It's a welcome change to see a company actually caring about their customers opinions and trying to help them out. I'll be doing a more in depth review on my Xen Tan routine when I feel I have truely mastered it. But for now all I can say is I seriously recommend this product!


Some Lush Storage

Evening Lovelies!

So I was browsing ebay for some sort of storage for my Lush collection, as it was taking up a much needed draw. I was thinking of a glass bowl or maybe some kind of decorate 'platter', but I couldn't find anything that caught my eye.

Then I found myself watching DollyBowBow's room tour video and saw a lovely shabby chic cake stand she used to store bits and bobs. I typed "shabby chic cake stand" into ebay and voila! There it was!

It was priced at £23 including postage and packaging. I would have liked it to be a bit cheaper, but hey ho!

I love it so much! And it's perfect for all my lovely Lush goodies.