Tuesday, 26 January 2010

FOTN: purple smokey eye

I'm not really one for colour when it comes to makeup, pink lips and cheeks is about as far as i go! But i'm glad to say, shade by shade, i'm facing my fear of colour!

This week: Purple!


Benefit Boi-ing concealer
Bare escentuals mineral foundation in fairly light
Bare escentuals mineral veil
Bare escentuals warmth
MAC coygirl blush


UD primer potion
Barry M DD in 31 (all over the lid)
Barry M DD in 60 (outer corner and crease)
MAC e/s Black tide (outer corner)
Eylure GA lashes (cheryl)


Benefit limp plump
Boujois 3D lip gloss les nudes

yay for breaking the nude cycle! :)

excuse my very un-OOTN-like pajama top! i like to do makeup in my pjs see.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lucky Chinese tag!

Hello all! I've had my first ever tag which has made me smile :) I was tagged by the lovely Joanna @ http://frailheartsofhope.blogspot.com/!

1. 90210
3. Keeping up with the Kardashians
4. Glee
5. Gossip Girl
6. Dirty Sexy Money
7. Privileged
8. Ugly Betty

1. Wagamama (the best food ever!)
2. Nando's
3. KFC
4. Pizza Hut
5. My boyfriends house (his mum always makes us tasty treats :])
6. Reena Tandori
7. Usha
8. My house

1. Pay day :) woop!
2. Receiving parcels
3. Seeing my boyfriend
4. Finishing my college course
5. Summer
6. My first flat
7. LUSH baths at the end of a long day
8. My new room finally being decorated

1. Slept in till noon
2. Watched Perfume - The weirdest film ever!
3. Gave myself a mini facial
4. Talked to my mum on the phone
5. Bought some MUJI storage for my makeup
6. Ruined my "healthy eating plan" by scoffing down some cookies + rocky roads!
7. Painted some swatches for the bathroom
8. Read some lovely blogs :)

1. Waking up to be snowed in
2. Cosy nights in
3. Chunky Knits
4. Everyone else being pale and not just me!
5. Christmas
6. My PJs with penguins throwing snowballs on haha
7. Making snow men
8. How pretty icicles look hanging off the trees

1. LUSH's "?" Valentine's Day gift box
2. Some new UGG boots
3. To get good grades in my exams
4. Get my teeth whitened
5. To re-discover sewing
6. Read more books
7. More self confidence
8. To win the lottery haha!

1. My boyfriend
2. Fashion
3. Beauty products
4. Makeup
5. Sewing
6. Learning new things
7. Nature
8. Reading

1. Heyaaaa!
2. Ohmygod.
3. N'aww.
4. Gah!
5. Haha
6. "I love..."
7. "I HATE..." - these last two used too often
8. Oh aye!

1. Accept i'll never be perfect
2. Bitchiness is never needed
3. Stick up for what you believe in
4. Pink + green, never to be seen! haha
5. Everyone deserves a first chance, so don't judge.
6. Not everyone deserves a second chance, so be careful.
7. Do what makes you happy
8. and to be cheesy... follow your dreams!

1. Paris
2. New York
3. LA
4. Greece
5. Bahamas
6. Egypt
7. Rome
8. Miami

1. Money
2. My roots doing
3. Sleep
4. The perfect red lipstick
5. Blackberry
6. Exercise
7. Facial
8. Lip blam

1. Abbie @ http://abbiebabby.blogspot.com/
2. Natalie @ http://natalieslove.blogspot.com/
3. Nancy @ http://dramaticappeal.blogspot.com/
4. Faye @ http://fayecavania.blogspot.com/
5. Kelly @ http://liveloveandlipgloss.blogspot.com/
6. Jennie @ http://sailorjennie.blogspot.com/
7. Fae @ http://ohmyskele.blogspot.com/
8. Caz @ http://thisiscaz.blogspot.com/

Happy tagging! :)


Thursday, 21 January 2010

New topshop bling!

Just a quick post to show you some jewellery i picked up the other day :)

Absolutely in love with the heart earrings! So cute!


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

an interrupted FOTD!

I've not done one for a while so i decided to do a quick FOTD before the bf came over

but my plan was foiled when he showed up early (hence the silly mug in the 2nd picture, he was trying to make me laugh haha!)


Bare escentuals mineral foundation (fairly light)
Bare escentuals mineral veil
Benefit hoola
Mac pinch-o-peach blush


Urban decay primer potion
Benefit e/s in Leggy (all over the lid) and Dandy Brandy (outer corner and crease)
GOSH liquid liner
Prestige eye liner is white (water line)
Rimmel london sexy curves mascara
Eylure girls aloud lashes (cheryl)


Benefit lip plump
GOSH Darling


Saturday, 9 January 2010

They've arrived!

The rest of my failed shoe haul came today! they're both by OFFICE London and both absolutely stunning!

First up, "Well Hello" Wedge.

I accidentally deleted the picture of me wearing them, not with it today!

I have a thing for, lets say, "odd" shoes. The kind of shoes that you can't help but look at when they enter a room. These epitomize this for me! The mold of the wooden wedge is so interesting to look at, granted some people might think it looks weird, but i think it's stunning.

RRP = £85

Price i got them off ebay = £20 :)

and then i got the "Something Risque" Metallic Pewter heels, they're absolutely gorgeous!

RRP = £75

Price i got them off ebay = £20

Altogether, all 3 pairs cost me (including P&P) about £95. Considering this is less than the RRP for the TOPSHOP boutique gladiators, i'd say this was one sucsessful haul!


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

This morning i woke up to...

Top Shop Boutigue's 'Primal' gladiator heels!

RRP = £100, Price i got them off ebay = £45

I buy loads of things off ebay - clothes, shoes, bags. The reason? Why pay £100 for a pair of heavenly shoes, when you can get said pair of heavenly shoes for under half the price off ebay?

I've been craving these shoes for a couple of months now. But when i first saw them, by the time i'd managed to salvage every penny i had into my bank account, they were completely sold out. Not just in my size, but in every size!

So you can imagine my excitement when i came across these!

They're white leather with a snake skin print on the sides. Bronze and white leather cage detail on the front with two cute buckles on the outer sides. Boasting a 5.5 inch heel with a 1 inch platform, i'm in love! :)

I also bought two other pairs of shoes for a fraction of their RRP, i was going to wait till i received them all to do a 'shoe haul' post, but i was far too excited about these :)

I'll be receiving the other two pairs within the week, so expect more lovely shoe posts to come!


Monday, 4 January 2010

Product recycling?

So if you read my last product bashing post, you'll already know what i think of LUSH's green sugar scrub!

It's way too abrasive from me to use on its own, but i was informed by the lovely Martha of how to get the most out of the product, with out any physical damage!

things you will need:

an empty pot of some kind (not too small)
sugar scrub
your choice of shower gel - happy hippy in my case

Crumble up the sugar scrub into the pot. Works better if yours isn't slighty wet like mine was!

Squeeze in your chosen shower gel. Dont go over board though! Other wise the end product will be too runny and the sugar particles will be too far spread.

Give it a good ol' mix! It will bubble a bit but hey, it's shower gel, what do you expect?

and there you have it :) one less product to go in the bin!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Review: LUSH green sugar scrub

I'm very sad to say - LUSH, i've got a bone to pick with you!

I got this product in the "seasons greeting" gift i bought in my new years day haul. It's bascially LUSH's take on a body scrub, and since LUSH products never seem to disappoint me (except maybe scent wise!) i had high expectations.

Sunday night is my pamper night, and pamper night always includes a good scrub! At the moment my go to scrub is Soap & Glorys Sugar Crush body scrub, but i'm always eager to try out new products so tonight i let LUSH's scrub take center stage.

The directions say to not put it in direct contact with the shower water, other wise the product will disappear before your eyes! Just "scrub, scrub, scrub and rise away" were the instructions so i got on scrubbing.

and oh... my... god... did it hurt!

I've never been one to shy away from really gritty scrubs, but this product takes it to a whole new level! I'd like to bring to your attention Subject A...

My poor scratched up arm! :(

I don't really think i need to say much more, the picture pretty much sums up my review.

But i was so shocked by the result i took to LUSH's website to check other peoples reviews, thinking i might have just been given a dodgey one. Here are some reviews from other LUSH customers...

"I am a big fan of lush and own many products. Sadly this one also left me with scratches on my skin and also feeling quite sore with my skin irritated. I will try again with a small piece removed and crumbled to see if that works better"

"I hated this product!! It smelled lovely, but it was so painful! I was left with scratches all over my arms and legs. Beware if you have sensitive skin!! "

"I love the smell and I love the idea - but when I make my own body scrubs I use soft brown sugar because it scrubs without scratching the skin so much as to draw blood....this product could be so good if the sugar were of a more suitable type - but as my leg was left bleeding and I didn't dare try it anywhere more delicate I have to give it the lowest rating I can I'm afraid"

"I really wanted to like this product after reading some of the good reports on here, but it is very much not for me. I am covered in scratches from it, some of which are quite deep and sore, I didn't even 'scrub' that hard! Shame as I really wanted to like this product! It also means I can't wear my dress tonight and have to cover up instead, so I am doubly gutted! "

Don't get me wrong - i love LUSH and almost all their products i've tried, and i hate that this review sounds more like a bashing session, but i really can't stress how much i dislike this product.

Have any of you tried this product or the sugar babe scrub? If so how did you get on with it?


New years day haul!

Over christmas i came up with an idea, what if i raided the sales on new years day? Everyone else would be either still drunk or have a hang over and i'd have the trafford centre all to myself! haha

Turns out i wasn't the only one who had this idea, as the trafford centre was packed as usual! But i still managed to pick up some bargains :)

First off i popped into LUSH. I got three gifts, two of which were marked down christmas ones and one was a full priced, non christmas gift with some of my favs in....

Ice blue soap

Mr Butterball bath ballistic

Cinders bath ballistic

Happy Hippy showel gel

Father frost soap

Strawberry santa shower jelly

Sugar scrub

Happy hippy shower gel

Up you gets emotibomb

Sandstone soap

+ 2 x 10% off vouchers and a £5 off voucher with the gifts

total price = £24.14


Next up was the Body Shop, and with body butter at £5 i couldn't resist getting more than one!

They also had an offer for any two big bottles of shampoo for £12, i've never tried Body Shop shampoos so i thought i'd give them ago.

and last but not least, a mattifying day cream from the sea weed/oily combination range. I was impressed by their tea tree blemish fading night lotion so decided to invest in one of their day creams.

Raspberry body butter

Blueberry body butter

Peach Body butter

Nettle oil balancing shampoo

Olive glossing shampoo

Sea weed mattifying day cream

Total price (including 10% off and an extra £5 off with my Love Your Body card) = £27

Note: Love Your Body cards are a great investment (if you like the body shop that is!) You pay an annual membership fee of £5 for the card, and with the card you get...

. 10% off ALL purchases for a year.

. £5 off in your birthday month

. £5 off on your 4th stamp on the card (you can only get stamps with store perchases)

. £10 off on your 8th stamp

. invitations to exclusive member events

. exclusive offers

. updates on product launches and offers

Over all, i'd say that was a good haul :)

i'll probably do reviews on the LUSH stuff soon, as there is a lot to get through!