Friday, 3 December 2010

Review: GHD Midnight collection Gold IV Styler (picture heavy!)

Evening Sugarplums!

I have been seriously lusting over some new GHD's for a while, my old ones were coming up to four years old (veteran straighteners!). Apart from being covered in makeup from my rushing-to-get-ready hands, they were starting to smell slightly burnt. I was so glad when the Midnight Collection came out in time for my new purchase, as I know I would have been kicking myself afterwards if they hadn't! I ordered them off the as part of the "Deluxe Edition" set for £140 (RRP £150). The set also included a heat protection pouch, two rubberised clips, travel hair dryer and vanity mirror.

Exterior Case

The box and exterior case both boast this gorgeous baroque print. I love how every piece in this collection oozes luxury and sophistication, making your vanity table every so chic!

Heat Protective Pouch

Inside the pouch you'll find the straighteners and two rubberised clips. As i have a mass collection as Tigi Hardcore clips, I wasn't in need of any more but I am seriously crushing on these babies! They glide into hair so easily and don't snag and trap hair when you take them out.

Straighteners and rubberised clips

The straighteners themselves are a more streamlined, elegant version of the IV Styler, with only a few minor differences. First of all, the ceramic plates are gold, not yellow and the straighteners themselves are black. The "GHD" inscription on the side and on the hinge are also gold and there is an indented, shiny circle detail on the sides of the straighteners that can be also found on the rubberised clips. The most significant difference is the weight and size, the Gold IV Styler weighs slightly less and is slightly smaller than the bog standard IV Styler making it perfect for those who are constantly here, there and everywhere and have to take their straighteners with them!

My favourite difference however is something not mentioned in it's description, it glides through hair so effortlessly I had to double check there was actually hair between the plates!

Travel Hairdryer

I haven't yet tried this, but I can tell it will come in very handy come holiday time, when hairdryers aren't always essential but good to have just in case!

Vanity Mirror

Nice shot of my pj t-shirt there as well haha! This is so cute and a really thoughtful extra.

The overall presentation of this collection is flawlessly beautiful. So much care and thought has been put into each product and the range is completely fluid in it's appearance. A definite thumbs up from me!



  1. I want that! Looks so pretty! xx

  2. Gorgeous, I'm so jealous!


  3. Jealous! That vanity mirror is so gorgeous..I love it! Have fun with your new GHD's =(


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  5. Ahh this is so fabulous girly! I love the mirror and the case, will be so perfect for storing everything!
    Great post, you will have to do some Hair posts now showing us what you can do with them!
    x x x