All opinions and thoughts expressed on this blog are entirely my own. I pride myself on writing honest and accurate reviews for my subscribers, and would never give a false review of a product purely because it was sent to me. I have declined a number of products before which I feel do not fit my blog or that I feel in any way uncomfortable reviewing.

I own the majority of the content on the blog and attempt at all times to credit any other party where the credit is due, however some of the older content on this blog I must admit falls down a bit in this category. If any of the content present on this blog is copyrighted by you and you would like it either removed or credited, please accept my apologies and contact me via my email address - you can find this on my contact page.

From 12 March 2013, any item on my blog marks with an * has been gifted or sent to me either through personal interest or the interest of a review. Anything marked with a ** has either been partly or fully paid for with a discount and/or gift card. As well as marking items in this way, I will always make clear in any review if a product has been fully or partly supplied by another party.

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