Saturday, 31 July 2010

And the winner is...

Evening lovelies! So my give away finished tonight at 12pm, literally half an hour ago! I said to myself i'd wait till the morning to use the random number generator and announce the winner, but i couldn't help myself! Way too excited.

Thank you to everyone who entered! I'm sure it won't be the last give away i'll do as i've had so much fun doing it. But any way, on to the winner :)

As i said i used a random number generator at to chose and heres the result...

Congrats to the winner! I shall be dropping a comment on your blog straight after this post!


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

ELF haul and review

Hello Lovelies! It's 2am and being the nocturnal animal that i am, i am no where near tired. So i'm taking the opportunity to do some much needed blogging!

About two or so weeks ago i placed a larger than i had planned order on the ELF (eyes, lips and face) website. It was larger than i planned because i wasn't aware how cheap it all is! So i guessed i might as well get a few more items.

As far as the website ( is concerened, i didn't find it too easy to navigate. There are just SO many products and there's three different ranges -normal elf products, mineral products and the studio line. The beauty of a lot of their products are they're multifunctional and can be used as blush, lip tint or eye shadow.

I spent around £30 and managed to accumulate 13 products, which is pretty impressive considering £30 is not even three eye shadows at MAC!

The first thing i noticed when i opening the package, was wow! They aren't as big as i thought! The Natural Radiance blushes and the All Over Colour Sticks were half the size of what i expected, but for the price i guess i couldn't complain.

The second thing i noticed, which disappointed me the most, is how some of products i recieved where dramatically different in colour to how they were advertised on the website. I perchased a blush from the studio line in "Candid Coral" and on the site it looked like a true, viberant coral. Unfortunately, it turned out to be more of a darkish pink colour. I also perchased a mineral lipstick in the shade Runway Pink, which i was expecting to be a soft, pale pink. But it turned out to be a darkish pinky nude.

Unfortunately, these are the kind of things you have to risk when buying makeup online. But even though i ended up with some products i wasn't happy with, they were rivaled by the ones i absolutely loved!

All of the All Over Colour Sticks were to die for! My favourite being "Spot Light", a champaigne colour which i'ved found great for highlighting. The second of the studio blushes i got, in "Pink Passion" lived up to the site swatch, it's an eye wateringly shocking fushia pink and incredabley pigmented. The Duo Eyeshadow in "Butter Pecan" is the perfect combo for a light, day time smokey eye and i'ved been wearing it almost every day without fail.

Now we've got the rants and praises out of the way, time for some swatches me thinks!

Corrective Concealer Palette

Honeslty? Completely useless! Couldn't get any product onto my finger or the brush, straight into the bin.

Eye Shadow Duo in Butter Pecan

And if you look closely, the scar from when i accidentally ripped my finger open on a spiked fence, nice!


Stuido Blush in (left and top) Candid Coral (looks corally because of the flash, believe me, it's not haha) and (right and bottom) Pink Passion

All Over Colour Sticks (left to right) Toasted, Golden Peach, Spot Light, Pink Lemonade

Natural Radiance Blusher in (left)Glow and (right) Innocence (hard to see, it's a pale pink)

I'm not joking when i say these are ridiculously packaged! They're almost impossible to get open, this is what happened on my third attempt to open it.

Mineral Lipstick in (top) Runway Pink and (bottom) Natural Nymph

I know this post was god-awefully-long but i felt strongly about the products and wanted to do an honest and in depth review. I promise my next post will be short as poss!


Saturday, 10 July 2010


Just a quick post to show my outfit that i wore tonight! It was my boyfriends auntie's birthday, so we had a bit of a get together. We didn't stay too long though, as we're going shopping tomorrow in manchester and i need to be in a state to get up tomorrow haha! H&M here i come! But any way back to my outfit...

Vest (worn as a dress as it's quite long!) - All Saints

Demin Shirt - Topshop

Rose Necklace - River Island

Shoes - Office London

Should have done a FOTD to accompany it, but we were on last minute (as usual) and it slipped my mind completely!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)


ps. just made my first ELF purchase! cannot wait for it to arrive, i went a bit OTT when i saw how cheep they are. But oh well!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

NOTD - Zebra print

For my first attempt at zebra print, i have to say, i'm quite impressed with myself! Although, i didn't leave it long enough before applying the top coat and my stripes did smudge a little, but practice makes perfect i guess!

Heres how i did it:

First off, i used OPI nail envy as a base coat (my poor nails are still recovering after their last acrylic stint).

For the white base i used Revlon Stay Perfect nail colour in White, this is actually a tip whitener for french manicures, but its the only opaque white i had!

For the stripes i used a really small paint brush and Barry M black nail polish. i dipped the brush in clear polish first so it dried stiff, to avoid the bristles fanning out or bending to much whilst doing the stripes

I finished off with a swipe of OPI fast dry top coat :)


My first LOTD on my youtube channel :)!

Bonsoir my lovely follers! :)

I'm so excited! After much debating whether or not it would work, i decided to go for the "Look of the Day" video idea i had for my youtube. Basically, i wanted to take the FOTD and HOTD posts i did on my blog and translate them into something youtube worthy. Just doing a picture roll seemed boring, so i had the idea of showing how i actually achieved the look. It's not really a tutorial, it's more of a visual explaination.