Wednesday, 28 September 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

I had a go at 'Galaxy Nails' recently. I decided to channel LLYMLRS and go for some cheap stick on nails from ebay as they're a lot easier to paint (I have no patience when it comes to nails!) and also because my nails are so short and stubby my galaxies would have been pretty non existant.

There was a 3 for 2 on makeup items at boots, including No.17 nail polishes so all the colours used were No.17. (excluding the white, which was OPI 'Alpine Snow')

I followed the cutepolish tutorial, she is epic at nail art and has some amazing easy to follow tutorials that you should definitely check out. I've put the video below. But any way, check them out! They weren't as hard as I anticipated, infact they're perfect for begginers. They took a while with all the different layers but they were so worth it.

Cutepolish Tutorial

Autumn Updates

Autumn is my favouritest of seasons. Mainly just because it gives me an excuse to layer up in furs (faux, obviously), scarfs and mittens! But also because of the colours, rich plums and burgundies are an A/W must and they give me a feeling of sophistication and, lets face it, we all like to feel a bit posh sometimes.

Topshop are fastly becoming one of my favourite makeup brands. I guess because they're orginally a fashion brand, they always seem to get every season right as far as colours and textures go. For A/W they released the 'Smoke and Mirrors' collection, and if I'd have had the money I would have indulged in all of it, but alas I did not. So I chose to buy a lip colour and a nail colour, two of the easiest ways to update a beauty look without going OTT.

'Confessions' lipstick if a gorgeous coral red colour. I find corally/orangey reds work best for my skin tone and really compliments my blue eyes. The polish, called 'Bourbon', is described by Topshop as being a dark chocolate colour, which I'd say is pretty spot on as long as you imagine the darkest chocolate you can find! It looks black in some lights and I found it quite hard to photograph its exact colour, but has an amazing rich red undertone running through it.

Very much looking forward to rocking these colours!