Thursday, 29 October 2009

Random halloween post!

So this has nothing to do with beauty products but it does have to do with halloween! and since it's halloween in 2 days i thought i'd share my pumpkin with you haha! :)

It's a hello kitty pumpkin!

Took me bloomin' ages! thought i'd mix it up a bit this year :)

don't worry my next post will be non vegetable related! xxx

PRODUCT RANT!: LUSH Godiva solid shampoo

I'm in love!

I've only had this little wonder 5 days and it's fast becoming my favourite shampoo ever!

To start with it's a solid shampoo, easier, small and lighter to haul back and forth to my boyfriends every weekend and perfect for holidays. Its jasmine scent is amazing and lingers in your hair all day. It contains shea butter so it leaves your hair feeling so soft but skweeky clean! My hair looks in so much better conditon and it's all thanks to this little yellow bar.

I love it when i find things that really work :) I would seriously recommend this if you haven't already tried it or have never tried a solid shampoo before, it might just suprise you!


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My skin care routine

i've decided i like doing videos haha!

heres one of my skin care routine. i'll probs be doing my makeup routine as well soon!

hope you like it :)xxx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Going over to the pink side...

I'm a nude lipstick girl, always have been but maybe not always will!

i went on a haul recently and got a lipstick from mac when i returned 6 empty items and i got a pink lipstick! yep pink! and i must say i was pleasently suprised.

The shade is Snob. and i really like it!

I think i'll be trying out more pinks from now on but not reds.

reason why...

I look a bit like an 8 year old trying on her mums makeup haha


Messing around with makeup :)

I'm on bank holiday this week and have nothing to do all day! So i thought i'd take this opportunity to have a play with my makeup :)

I saw a look in avon magazine a while back and it was a leopard print eye. I thought'd i'd give it ago and heres the results...

Products used:

Urban Decay primer potion
Barry M dazzle dust in no.44
Urban Decay eyeshadow in stray dog
Mac Black Tide
GOSH liquid eye liner in brown
Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof eye liner (water line)
Ardell 101s

I'm no makeup artist so it's far from perfect! But i bet i could polish it up a bit next time :)


Sunday, 25 October 2009



Angels Delight

Snow Cake

The God Mother



Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Mask of Magnaminty



Godiva solid shampoo and conditioning bar

Jungle solid conditioner


Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

So thats all the stuff i got from LUSH :) as promised heres some swatches of the stuff i could actually swatch!

From top to bottom:

Fair trade foot lotion
Mask of Magnaminty

and also some swatches of the other stuff i got :)

From top to bottom:

GOSH liquid eye liner in brown
Barry M Dazzle Dust no. 44
MAC Snob Lipstick

This is a reeeeally long post i know! but i hope you liked it :) x

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lil bit of TOPSHOP

When i'm at college i have to walk past topshop twice a day! and i can't help but want half of everything in it. Every week or so they change up the front window which is my cue for a little nosy!

Today was one of those days. The window was looking all lovely and new so after college i went in for a browse. I should know by now there is no such thing as me going in to topshop for a "browse". I ended up spending almost £50. Expensive browsing!

Heres what i got :)

I've had my eye on this shirt for ages! But when i found it was the last 8 i pounced on it haha.

This is just a plain peachy coloured v-neck top with cute detailing on the back. I love how topshops plain stuff always has something different about it.

I'm going into Manchester this weekend with my boyfriend and there will hopefully be a haul video up soon of what i get :)

and i'll try not to get lured in by topshop again! But i'm not making any promises.


Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Messy bun with french braids

I litrally learned how to french braid two weeks ago, i've just never been able to get the hang of it and since i have i've gone french braid crazy!

products used:

vo5 extreme style matt clay

john frieda brilliant brunette fixing shine hair spray

two products and five minutes later you've got a cute messy bun with a bit of a twist :)


Sunday, 18 October 2009

I love you, batiste!

I'm a dry shampoo addict, and not ashamed to say it! It goes every where with me and my brand of choice is Batiste. It's cheap as chips and really good quality. I've used other brands before but i always come back to this one.

I have dark brown hair, and if you have too you'll probably know that dry shampoo isn't as forgiving to us brunettes as it is to blondes! Accidentally put too much on and you get a not so lovely greyish tint to your hair.

So any way, I was browsing ASOS's beauty "just in" section when i found... Batiste's new dry shampoos for brunette and black hair!

I'm pretty excited to say the least!

it doesn't really say much about the product, only that they're specially formulated for brunette and black hair. But i've put my faith in Batiste and ordered some :)

fingers crossed! my hair could be greyish tint free in no time.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My first LUSH encounter!

Like many people, i walk past LUSH almost every time i go shopping and am enticed by the smell. But i go in and have no idea what anything is! Theres people everywhere coz it's always super busy and if i stay in too long and the smell gives me a head ache.

For those reasons i've always stayed clear of LUSH, that and i'm unfortunate enough to have a perfume allergy and assumed that no smell that strong could be natural! But after doing my research i found most of the ingrediants are natural so i decided to give LUSH a go.

Rather than go into the store and spend loads of money on things i don't know i'll like, i headed over to ebay where you can pick up 15 random samples for 7 pounds, thats with postage and packaging!

I think this is a good bargain. and because they're random samples, you get to try things you might not pick up in the store. I received mine today :)! and heres what i got....

sand stone
ice blue
honey i washed the kids
angel delight (i tried to find this on the website to see what the full size looks like but it's not on there :s)
vanilla in the mist

Bubble Bars
the comforter
blue skies and fluffy white clouds
gold star

jingle spells
lush pud

something that could be either a bubble bar or a ballistic but wasn't labeled! i'll probably use it as a bubble bar and see whether it bubbles or not, then i'll know.

Massage Bar
strawberry feels forever

Body Lotion
dream cream

I can't wait to get trying them! They all smell so amazing! They were delivered when i was at college and my mum had put the package in my room, so when i got home my room smelled so gorgeous.

I'll let you know how i get on and also try to find out what the mysterious unnamed sample is :)


Monday, 12 October 2009

What's in my makeup bag

So i thougth this would be a good place to start :)

As you'll probably notice it's mostly Mac and Benefit! Those are two of my favourites makeup wise. Although i do tend to stick to what i know works for me - something that i'm trying to stop!

From top left to bottom right

Benefit Her Glossiness Lip Gloss in my people, your people

My go to baby pink lipgoss with a bit of shimmer. Looks great over nudes, i team mine with Gosh Darling (134).

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

I love this bronzer! It's totally matt and doesn't cake or come out orangey on skin. I don't like bronzers with shimmer so this is the perfect one for me.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC15

Needs no explaination! I swear by this foundation. I have oily/combination skin and I'm prone to break outs so i want a full coverage foundation that doesn't feel heavy or look heavy for that matter! I'm also trying out the Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in Buff but i've not made my mind up yet on wether i like it more of less than the Studio Fix, but i'll let you know! :)

Eyeko Beauty Cream

I was a bit hesitant to try this at first, the idea of putting a pink toned highlighter on my face as a cream seemed a bit strange. But i was proved wrong! I wear this every day under my makeup. It's a 3-1 cream, a highlight a face cream and an eye cream. It's infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A and E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion. (straight from the box!) I was expecting it to leave my skin quite oily, but it sinks in really well and my skin has never felt so soft!

Benefit Moon Beam

Golden/apricot highlighter. I've only just started using this, before i was using Clinique Up-Lighter Liquid Illuminator. I deffinately preffer it to the Clinique, but i have found it doesn't blend as well. Other than that it's a great product.

Mac Splashproof Lash

When they say waterproof, they don't half mean it! It's practically makeup remover proof! This is an upside and a downside for me. It says on really well and you won't start to get panda eyes throughout the day. But i'm the kind of person when i'm going to bed at night i want my makeup off as quick as possible, you won't get this with Splashproof lash. You really have to soak the cotton pad in makeup remover and leave it on yours eye for a few minutes, and even then theres still a bit of rubbing to do!

Mac Powder Blush in Pinch O' Peach

I go through fazes with blush - reds, pinks, plums. I like to change them every few weeks and i feel like even though it's a small difference, it gives me a whole new look. I really like this colour it's a pinky peach sheertone, great for giving a quick flush of colour.

Bourjous 3d Effect Lip gloss in no. 33

I bought this lip gloss after seeing it in one of pixiwoo's videos. I got it in 33 which is a true nude. It has a fair amount of shimmer, so use cautiously! It also has a brush applicator which i really like.

Benefit Lip Plump

My holy grail! this is one of the products i really couldn't live without! i have ruby red lips naturally and i HATE it. this completely blocks it out. It's meant to be a primer but i just use it on its own. (Always put on over lip balm, it's really drying!)

Blistex Relief Cream

I've tried many a lip balm but non even compare to this! i can't stand my lips being dry so i carry this everywhere (i even have one in almost every room of my house!) It really moisturises and sooths. Loves it!

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling (134)

I'm a nude lip girl, always have been, always will! I tried out the infamous Barry M 101 but it did nothing for me. It caked and came off really easily and was really drying. This on the other hand glides on, doesn't cake and is really creamy.

Antibacterial Hand Gel

This is another thing thats constantly at my side. I'm a total germ freak! and especially with all this swine flu buisness going around you can never be too careful.

Benefit Badgirl Waterproof Eyeliner, Black.

I wouldn't say it's waterproof but it sure as hell stays on! I hate having to re-apply eyeliner all day so this is a great product.

Mac Blot Powder in Light

Until about 3 months ago i was using the sheer select pressed powder to set my foundation but i found it cakey and heavy. One of the girls at Mac suggested i try this instead. It's a colourless powder that sets makeup and gets rid of shine. A total life saver!

and finally...

Mac glaze Lipstick in Frou

I love this lipstick, it's a goldeny nude (yep, another nude!) with a slight shimmer.

and that's it! :)

Any questions, then get asking!


Welcome to my blog

Hey guys :)

My name is Naomi and i love all things girly!
I've been following the youtube/blog beauty scene for a few months and love being able to find out about things i would otherwise have no idea about.

In my blog i'm going to be doing mostly reviews (i'm no makeup artist!) and hopefully share what knowledge i have and stuff i learn along the way :).

I must stress though i'm a bit of a newbie. This blog is mostly just for fun and to maybe help people like me, who aren't know it alls when it comes to all this beauty and makeup stuff!

I'm still sort of finding my feet at the moment but hopefully i'll be up and running soon!