Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ebay Lashes: 50 pairs for £14!

Hey Lovelies!

So recently I purchased some lashes off Ebay. I'm a keen wearer of the Nicola Roberts lashes by Eyelure, but working out at about a pound a wear, they were a bit pricey! So i decided to investigate the super cheap lashes you can buy in bulk from places like Japan. I'd heard they can take up to two weeks to be delivered, so I was thrilled to find a seller of these beauties that was a UK seller.

I bought 50 lashes priced at £13.95 with free postage and packaging, a bargain if you ask me! There are five different styles of lashes and I received 10 of each style. They come in long, thin boxes with 10 to a box. They look slightly misshapen in the box as they are stretched so the edges fit in the wholes that keep them in place, but they're completely fine once removed from the packaging.

There are two more natural lashes, these being the most natural

These are very similar to the last pair, only the lashes are slightly longer

Theres also a pair of 'criss cross' lashes, which I've never been very fond of, but would be really nice for more dramatic looks

The last two styles are my favourites, super long and super thick!

The second of the thick lashes are similar to the first, but the lashes are more clustered, giving a great fanned out effect

Heres the link to the Seller i bought the lashes off, you can buy just ten lashes, twenty, or however many you want!

Have any of you bought lashes in bulk off Ebay? What are your thoughts on them?