Monday, 30 November 2009

Mini haul - Body Shop goodies! :)

Like many people, i've always thought of the Body Shop as "that place that sells nice body butters" and thats it. But after much um-ing and ah-ing i decided to venture into the Body Shop and try some of their other stuff.

and they don't half love giving away freebies!

So these are the things i actually bought:

Tea tree blackhead scub
Tea tree blemish fade night lotion
Tea tree face mask
Almond oil hand rescue treatment
Blush in no.12
Eye shadow in no.02 (this isn't on the picture coz i've left it at my bfs :[)

The Almond oil daily hand and nail cream was free for buying 2 skin care products

The Coconut shimmer body butter was free for spending £25 on any items in store

The Glitter eyes eyeliner and mascara duo was free for buying 2 makeup products

and the Coconut body milk and shower gel duo was free because i had £5 to spend from my Love You Body card!

I haven't tried them all yet (if only i had the time!) But the blush has replaced my Mac Pinch o Peach, the eye shadow is the most amazing lid colour and the coconut shimmer body butter is just heavenly!

Hopefully the rest of them will be just as good :)


My hair routine :) (video)

I was asked by one of my youtube subscribers to show how i style my hair. I have my hair messy and curly, and i like it with a lotta lotta volume!

I've never used mousse on my hair cause i hate how it makes it all crinkly and solid! So i found an alternative to mousse - Vo5 extreme style clay!

Now i know what you're thinking, clay replacing mousse? But it works! If you work it in yours hands to warm it up and comb it up through your scalp (like in the video) your hair will be nice and big :)

You only need a small amount though, or your hair will be a bit sticky and your mum will be shouting at you for blocking up the plug hole!


Sunday, 29 November 2009

REVIEW: Mac 187 vs Ruby and Millie stippling brush (video)

I had this requested a few times and i've finally got round to it

Conclusion: Go for the Mac 187 if you have the money, but if not, the Ruby and Millie brush is still good!

Remember, if you ever have any requests just throw em my way :)


Friday, 27 November 2009


Remember me? i know i've kind of fallen off the face of the blogger earth recently! I've been so busy with college and my dads ill :( so between seeing him in hospital, college, coursework and making time for my boyfriend i've litrally had no down time at all!

But today i had the day off college so i'm having a blog + youtube cram shesh!

First off... FOTD!

(i really am that pale! eek!)

Products used:


Revlon colour stay foundation in Buff
Mac sheer select pressed podwer NC15
Benefit hoola
Body shop blush in no.12


Urban Decay brow box


Urban Decay primer potion
Body shop eye shadow in no.02
Mac brun
GOSH liquid liner in brown
Rimmel sexy curves mascara
Eylure girls aloud lashes (nicola)


GOSH Darling


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

MAC fakes on ebay

In a video i did recently on youtube, i showed off a few things i bought that week. One of these things was a MAC 187 stippling brush. I got mine for around 7 or 8 pounds and it is NOT a fake. This raised some eye brows though, as that is pretty cheap considering its RRP! But it was sold by a private seller (not a shop or power seller), a woman clearing out her makeup collection. She had other MAC products including eye shadows, hello kitty + dame edna shadow palettes, other MAC brushes and blushes. You can suss a seller out by looking at the other items they are selling, if she was selling 20 187's at really low prices, then i'd be suspicious. But every now and again you get ebay novices, people who put expensive items at a 99p starting bid price and people like me will take advantage of it (why not?!) which is why i got it so cheap.

But there are fakes out there and they are gettig closer and closer to the real thing! So i thought i'd share with you a couple of ways to tell if a brush your thinking of bidding on is fake.


Authentic MAC brushes come in a clear plastic sleeves with a bar code printed on the sleeve. Many fake brushes I have seen come in clear plastic sleeves without the bar code. Also, many fake face brushes come with additional hard plastic protectors for the hairs. Real MAC face brushes do not have this additional plastic protector. They come in the simple clear plastic sleeves with bar code.


Real MAC brushes come with black wooden handles and the neck (the part that connects the handle to the hair) is silver. Some bad fake brushes will have black plastic necks.


Authentic MAC brushes are labeled "MAC ###". ### being the number of the brush. On real brushes, the lettering is printed on the handle and easily rubes off. On most FAKE brushes, the lettering is engraved into the handle and very hard to rub off.


Keep in mind that MAC has never offered a set of full sized makeup brushes except until November 2006 called the Pret-a-Porter brush set. The Pret-aPorter set includes 8 full size brushes (187, 190, 129, 213, 224, 266, etc). The set comes with a black satin brush roll. If you see a full size MAC brush set with more than 8 brushes it's fake!


Never buy MAC products from a seller you don't trust! Sellers to watch out for are a) Newly registered sellers with no or little feedback, b) sellers in other countries such as in China and Japan and Singapore (they'll be garanteed fakes) c) sellers selling a lot of other MAC brush sets (you have to wonder where they are getting the endless supply of brush sets). Don't let 100% feedback fool you. Look at the seller's completed listing and see if week after week they list full size MAC brush sets. That's a sign the brushes are fake!


If the price is too good to be true, it's probably because it is. The best way to avoid buying fake brushes on Ebay is to buy brushes one at a time, instead of in a set. If the seller seems to have an endless supply of brushes and is happily selling them for 50% off of the retail price then thats a sure sign they are fake.


If the picture is blurred and doesn't have a close up ask for a close up picture, if the seller refuses to give you one it's FAKE!

some examles of fakes:

Authentic brushes don't come with the brush covers the ones in the middle have

A really bad fake travel size set! The necks should be silver, not black.

Ever seen MAC selling a set this big before? This has got fake written all over it, and again the necks are black and not silver!

I hope this has helped you guys :) remember if your not sure DON'T BID.


Revlon Lipsticks

So i'm going through a bit of a lipstick phase right now. I read a good review of a revlon lipstick on Zoella's blog the other day and headed straight to superdrug to give them a go! Now i have many lipsticks, but i've never tried a revlon lipstick before and i must say i'm pleasently suprised!

Here are the four i got:

Cherries in the snow

Kiss me coral

Gentlemen prefer pink

+ Twinkled Pink

Top to bottom: Cherries in the snow, Kiss me coral, gentlemen prefer pink, Twinkled pink

I love the Kiss me coral and Twinkled pink!

Cherries in the snow is an amazing lipstick, but as i've said before red lipstick + me = not the best combination. I'm still trying to find one that doesn't make me look a bit like a clown! any suggestions?

Gentlemen prefer pink i thought was nothing special, but still it's a good colour and stays on well. Just not my cup of tea.

All of the lipsticks have staying power, i hardly ever have to re-apply them through out the day. Deffinate thumbs up! :)


Sunday, 1 November 2009

REVIEW: my LUSH haul!

Last week i did a LUSH haul and got a load of stuff. So now i've tried and tested them all i thought i'd do a little review on each product :)

Snow cake soap

Not my favourite scent, but left my skin feeling amazing! Some of the lush soaps i've used i found quite drying but this an exception. I was so annoyed when i found out it was a christmas soap. I'm gonna go back and stock up on this one for sure!

Angel delight soap

Looks great, smells great! This is one of my favourites just purely because of the smell, and it's also another christmas soap (damn you LUSH!). It smells fruity and sweet and has little sequin stars in for an added bit of sparkle!

God mother soap

As i said in my video, smells like vimto! Isn't that a good enough reason to love it? Add in the fact that it leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling great it became an instant favourite!

Love soap

This was a freebie i got for spending a certain amount of money. I didn't like the smell of this soap at all. It smelt weird, thats the only way i can describe it! It also left glitter all over the bottom of the shower, which is fine if you like standing there with the shower head trying to wash it down the plug hole!

Mask of magnaminty

Hate the smell! But love what it does for my skin. When you put it on it starts to tingle and after a while the tingling gets to a point where it feels a bit like burning. When i washed it off i could tell the difference it had made. My pores were smaller and my skin just felt thoroughly cleansed.

BIG shampoo

I was suprised by this shampoo. It starts off as a mush of salt grains and shampoo but when you put it on wet hair the salt disolves and you get a seriously lathered shampoo! My hair was deffinately bouncier and had more volume after using this.

Godiva solid shampoo and conditioning bar

I don't have much to say about this after my rant a few posts back! Turned into my favourite shampoo ever :)

Jungle solid conditioner

Maybe i was using it wrong or maybe it just really was as rubbish as i thought! Rubbed and rubbed against my hair but didn't do anything. Waste of money.

Sex in the shower emotibomb

Makes the most heavenly shower ever! Smells musky and masculin, a bit like mens after shave! I honestly didn't want to get out of the shower!

...and finally Fair trade foot lotion

In pictures, this bright pink foot lotion looks quite thick but the reality is its watery and didn't really make that much of a difference to my feet. Think i'll be sticking to the body shop body butters!