Monday, 15 February 2010

Review: Lush Magic Mushroom bubble bar + Ex Factor ballistic

I popped into Lush in Preston on Monday, hoping to get my mitts on some reduced Valentines gift boxes, the "?" one in particular!

My stratergy with Lush now is wait till after the celerbratory day in question has gone (Valentines in this case) and then get the gift boxes for much cheaper - how stingy am i? haha

Unfortunately my master plan was foiled, there were no "?" boxes left and the only two items i managed to pick up were at usual prices. But considering these are the only two items out of the lot that i hadn't tried, i'm not really fussed.

Both items are limited addition, which usually means i fall in love with them instantly and have to mope about the fact i'll have to wait a whole year to get my hands one them again!

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First off... Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar

Think Yummy Yummy Yummy mixed with vanilla, mmmm! This smells truely amazing and turns the water a gorgeous ruby red. The smell isn't over powering like some Lush products but does leave a lingering hint of vanilla on your skin.

The shape is so cute! but you'd be lucky to find a perfect shape as they're all a bit odd and squished but hey, it's going in the bath so who cares?

Left my skin feeling oh so soft and smelling amazing. Love, love, love this product!

RRP: 2.25

Next up... Ex Factor Ballistic

The only ex i'd love to have around! This guy is by far the cutest product Lush has ever made, and he doesn't disappoint.

Although i love the creamy bubbles of the bubble bars, theres still nothing like watching a ballistic fizzle up in the bath! You don't need much of this guy, an arm and a leg and perhaps his head, or you could just throw him in the deep end like i did and watch him fizzle out in all his glory.

Turned my bath water a gorgeous deep blue and left my skin lovely and soft and smelling just as sweet.

RRP: £1.95

All in all i loved both of these products and i wish wish wish that they were continued products. Why do you do this to us Lush? To hell with this limited edition stuff, i want these products on tap!



  1. That's a good idea to wait .. I love Lush products but they are a touch pricey! Especially considering their bombs and some of the bars are single use ... Oh well!!!!
    I want the magic bar, it smells so good!

  2. You should try some bubble bars and bombs on Etsy! I make them and sell them there myself! :)

  3. I've nominated u for an award on my blog.


  4. Lush products always look so cute! I hate things being limited edition too :( I try to avoid limited edition items now seeing as I get annoyed that I can't re purchase them! But the Ex Factor Ballistic is too cute to avoid! xx

  5. Lovely! Just got myself some mushrooms. Will give this a try over the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

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