Tuesday, 15 June 2010

All Saints delivery!

I cannot even explain how excited i get when i see one of these boxes on my door step!

I admire All Saints' dedication to making everything they produce look amazing, down to the cardboard boxes they deliver in. You know that so much care has gone into it that it makes it even more special, even if it does only contain a bog standard printed tee and a plain white tank!

Abandonment tee, in Chalk - £35

Nemesis Vest, in Optic - £25

Total - £60

I know that seems a pretty hefty price to pay for something so basic. But the cut and fabric of All Saints garments are so flattering and comfy, and it will out last anything you can pick up at Primark!

So happy :)



  1. Ahh I fellow All Saints lover. I have a few of their t-shirts and a pair of their boots. I love them so much.

    Good choices!