Saturday, 10 July 2010


Just a quick post to show my outfit that i wore tonight! It was my boyfriends auntie's birthday, so we had a bit of a get together. We didn't stay too long though, as we're going shopping tomorrow in manchester and i need to be in a state to get up tomorrow haha! H&M here i come! But any way back to my outfit...

Vest (worn as a dress as it's quite long!) - All Saints

Demin Shirt - Topshop

Rose Necklace - River Island

Shoes - Office London

Should have done a FOTD to accompany it, but we were on last minute (as usual) and it slipped my mind completely!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)


ps. just made my first ELF purchase! cannot wait for it to arrive, i went a bit OTT when i saw how cheep they are. But oh well!


  1. You look bloody gorgeous hunny
    :) beautiful outfit- love it lots x

  2. Fantastic shoes!!!!!!

    lovely blog :)
    Cheers, Jesa

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