Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Finally got my hands on an iPhone!

Evening lovelies!

At the begining of the summer holidays i made a deal with the mother, i'd do some DIY to the house (mainly my old bedroom) and in exchange, she'd perchase me a lovely iPhone 3gs.

It may seem like a pretty good deal on my part, a little sprucing here and there for a £420 phone... i thought so too! But this body was not made for manual labour haha!

I've been painting, sanding, removing wall plugs and screws, filling, plastering and lots and lots of moving heavy objects around! For the last few weeks my nails have been ruined by paint and white spirit and all my limbs feel like they're about to fall off!

But here it is, the fruit of my labour...

Accompanied by my gloriously fake chanel bling cover! It's a little chavtastic, but deep down we all love a little bit of chav haha!

I'm so so happy with it, after having an LG renoir for the last year and a bit which epicly failed me on everything a phone should do, the 3gs is a welcome change. I got the 3gs as i'm not too keen on the new shape, what do you guys think? 3gs or 4?

hope your all having a lovely week so far!



  1. I like the 3gs better..seeing as the 4 has the epic fail of losing signal when you hold it :s


  2. 3GS all the way! I have the white one which I got in march and I honestly don't know how I coped without one before lool I check my ebay/facebook/blog all the time if I can't be bothered to power up the laptop! and don't worry about the chavvy case I have a juicy couture one haha lots of love becky xo

  3. I am longing over an Iphone so much! Totally think the the new shape is a bit too rectangular haha
    Love the background & case as well, I once stuck on rhinestones to cover my Sony Ericson haha, it was definitely very tacky
    Great post girly!