Friday, 29 October 2010

It's gonna be a Lush Christmas!

Hey lovelies!

Okay, so i know it's not quite Christmas yet, but i'm one of those annoying festive people who believes the earlier Christmas starts, the better! And nothing says Christmas like a big batch of Lush goodies! :)

I popped into Lush in Manchester and managed to leave with all but one of the Christmas items. The exception was Buche de Noel, a face cleanser that isn't the most attractive of items, and as i don't see the point in spending £7 on a product that does the same as a good ol' simple face wipe, i passed.

So let's get cracking shall we?

1. Lil Lush Pud

Smaller than before, but still packing a punch fragrance wise. I've never been able to put my finger on exactly what this ballistic smells like, i'd say it's a typical "lush smell", not exactly helpful but it's been around so long i dare you to find someone who hasn't used it already any way!

2. Bearded Lady Bubble Bar

My first reaction to this attractive woman was "it looks like someones sat on one of the valentines mushrooms!" I haven't tried it yet, but it has a spicey smell; think cinnamon and brandy

3. Candy Cane Bubble Bar

Pretty much a doppelganger of the comforter, and just as delicious smelling! It's really sweet smelling, like candy and leaves skin super soft. A definite fave!

4. Sugar Plum Fairy

I've not exactly had the best of experiences with Lush sugar scrubs, but this one has changed my mind completely. Left my skin smelling so sweet and soft and no scratches, a plus!

5. Cinders Ballistic

My all time favourite ballistic! It has a really spicey, cinnamon smell and has little pop rocks on the top so when it's dropped in the bath, they crackle like cinders on a fire.

6. The Boog Ballistic

I've not tried this one yet, and again it's one of those smells i can't quite put my finger on. There are little bits of colour on the back that are suppose to resemble fireworks (type The Boog festival into google and you'll get it!)

7. Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

I love this so much i've already bought 5 more! Apart from being the cutest darned thing you've ever seen, it smells incredable.

8. Lip Dip

Have to say i've been really disappointed with this. Really fiddely and no pay off, give this one a miss

9. Manderin's Tea Party Soap

A lot of the products this Christmas seem to be citrus based, but if im honestly Christmas and oranges aren't a connection i tend to make. Again, i haven't used this yet, but i bet it'll be good to wake you up on a cold winter morning.

10. Satsumo Santa Ballistic

Another orangey/satsuma smell. I tried this one night thinking it'll wake me up rather than make me ready for bed, but the smell isn't overwhelming and i actually quite liked it.

11. Glogg

Love, love, love this! Reperchased a huge bottle before i was anywhere near finishing it. When you smell it in the bottle it smells of Cola bottles, but when you use it in the shower it smells like mulled wine. Gorgeous!

12. Snow Fairy

You would have to have been living under a lush rock not to know of how amazing this product is! Still to come across someone who dislikes it, smells incredabley sweet and bubblegummy

13. Snow Globe Soap

In the shop, this is shaped like a giant snow globe. I love the colour (not that it makes a difference really!) and it has a subtle fresh smell of lemon and grapefruit.

14. Snow Cake Soap

My all time favourite soap. It's so creamy and luxurious, leaving skin super soft. Smells of almonds, yummy!

15. Angel's Delight Soap

Another soap that makes me hate Lush for only having it out at Christmas. Smells of jelly babies and sweeties.

16. Once a Year Massage Bar

This is the only massage bar in the collection, and i've never used one before. It took me a while to get use to how oily and greasy they are, but the pay off is incredabley smooth, soft skin. Smells of brandy and cinnamon.

17. So White Ballistic

Being an apple addict, i love this ballistic! Think granny smiths. Plus, this was one of the only ballistics that i noticed had deffinitely moisterised my skin.

18. Winter Bath Ballistic

I haven't used this ballistic yet as i'm not 100% won over with the smell. It's based on Japanese bath traditions that are suppose to awaken sluggish skin. It has more of a herby smell, ginger, lemon grass and clove.

19. Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Again, i haven't used this yet but i can't wait to because the smell is amazing. It smells of ylang ylang and jasmine, a real get you ready for bed scent!

20. Snow Fairy Lip Tint

Another thing i've had to reperchase 1.) because i love it 2.) it seems to run out a lot quicker than the lip balms. As the name suggests, it smells like snow fairy shower gel

21. Maple Tafy Lip Balm

This goes everywhere with me! Lovely syrupy smell and seriously works. My only dig at this product is it takes a lot of finger rubbing to pick up very little product.

22. (not in the picture as it was in the fridge!) Iced Wine Shower Jelly

These are the strangest things, but i love them. It has a citrusy smell again, grapefruit and orange. If you haven't tried a shower jelly before, i really recommend them.

All in all, i spent around £75-80. Not too bad considering i got 22 products and three free fresh face masks (try saying that realy quickly haha). Have any of you tried out the Christmas stuff yet? What do you guys think?



  1. Lovely post hun. Great recommendations! Haven't picked anything up yet but will do when I get paid!! :) xx

  2. wow! must have cost a bomb! xx

  3. wow! thats some haul lol

    Lovely post


  4. Wow! You bought so much!
    Thank you sooo much for this post! This year i've done a whole christmas list of lush things so i'm so glad i've seen this!
    I lovelovelove Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Lip Dip and Angel's Delight Soap! =)

    Much love, Stephanie xx

  5. WOW are you kidding me? Buche De Noel face wash is the best face wash i have ever bought from LUSH, It comes like a roll, with seaweed wrapped around it. So what i did was dump it all in a metal bowl mash and mix with a spoon till its evenly mixed then put it all back into the container, then the product looks like little pebbles or tons of rolled up little balls. With seaweed and cranberry bits mixed throughout.

    Think Angels on bare skin, but with a creamy almond berry smell, and a slightly less exfoliant factor but still noticeable, mix that with the extremely nourishing seaweed which is perfect without the fish smell, and some water and you have the greatest wash EVER!

    Theres a backup in my freezer in case i run out.

    Please reconsider! <3