Thursday, 14 April 2011

It's in the bag

I'm totally obsessed with all things neutral toned recently; tan, mink, peach and everything in between! So when I went to pick up a new bag for the summer, I B-lined straight for this beaut.

It's from River Island - my go to shop for accessories. It's made of leather and feels incredible, not like something from the high street at all. The label states it as being "Cream" but it's definitely more of a mink if you ask me.

It has a long leather strap with a gold chain detail that can be adjusted via a buckle on one side.

It's interior, which I lovelovelove, is a blue and silver almost holographic fabric, with a strange print that's somewhere between leopard print and snake skin.

I also picked up a purse in the same sort of colour scheme, only the purse is a slightly cooler stone colour.

It has a coin section, two sections for notes and a very handy twelve card slots! Perfect for me with my accumulation of store cards and loyalty cards.

The bag was £29.99 and the purse £19.99. Absolute bargains when you consider how much they would be for their quality in places like Topshop.

I'm in love


  1. So gorgeous! I love the lining too :D xx

  2. I love that bag its gorgeous x

  3. I love the colour and the purse is gorgeous too! x

  4. Love the bags you've bought. and I have the clutch. Got it for christmas from my boo, bought from :)