Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Clothing and accessories haul

ahhh nothing makes me happy like a good old shop :) and recently i've been doing quite a bit (far more than i probably should!) It's mostly river island as that is my go to shop atm, though fear not Topshop! i have not forgotton you!

Floral pocket vest, River Island - £9.99

White pocket vest, River Island - £6.99

Dugaree hot pants, River Island - around £25-£30 (can't remember!)

Cream stripey long sleeve top, River Island - £7.99

Realitees eagal tee, Topshop - £25

Floral cardi, River Island - £29.99

Demin cropped jacket, Topshop - £40

Nautical skirt, River Island - £24.99

Heart earring and Rose necklace, both River Island - Both £5.99

Mint green bag, Matalan - £6

it's almost the exact same shade as Revlon minted too!