Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lily Flame ♥

I came across these candles via my boyfriend's aunt, she use to own a cute little boutique in which she sold all things shabby chic and girly! These candles were always a staple in the shop, especially come Christmas time when they release they're seasonal range including mulled wine and ginger bread!

At £7 a pop, they aren't the cheapest candles around. But they last 30-35 hours and are not only seriously cute, but smell amazing too! I perchased four of the ones i found most appealing...

True to form, this really does smell exactly like palma violets! It smellys so so yummy you could just eat it, though i wouldn't if i were you, it'll just taste like candle!

I was drawn in by this purely because it was pink and the fact that Lily Flame describes it as "fluffy...and rather camp"! It smells very floral, like roses i think.

That typical bubble bath scent captured in a candle! It's not your usual candle smell but i can deffinately imagine it being very relaxing with a nice warm bath.

and finally... a little bit of Fairy Dust! Again, i was drawn in by the pinkness. At first i couldn't put my finger on the smell, until my mother gave it the expert sniff and proclaimed it to be marshmellow. mmmm!

These are just a few, but they're are loads more scents to choose from. You can check out the rest of them at www.lily-flame.co.uk


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