Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Miracle spot treatment?

So my brother moved back in yesterday, he split up with his girlfriend (bad times), and decided rather than use up his own money in a flat he'd come home and spend my parents!

Now my brother, bless him, has suffered from full blown acne for years and he still had it last time i saw him (baring in mind this was only a few weeks ago) but when i saw him yesterday his skin was completely clear.

so the first thing i asked him, typical of me, was "how did you do it? where did you get it? i want some now!" haha

and to my suprise it wasn't some expensive night cream or some fancy gel, it was dettol. yeah...the stuff you clean you kitchen with!

He said every couple of days he would put 2 caps of dettol in his bath, soak for 5 or 10 minutes and his spots would go down dramatically.

Now i'm a total sceptic when it comes to spot treatments, i've been there, used that and never found anything amazing. But i tried it anyway.

The smell was a love or hate smell. It reminded me of when i was little and my mum would clean up my cuts with it. But to some people i can imagine it not smelling too pleasant, but you get use to it after a bit.

When i got out i felt squeeky clean! (it is disinfectant after all)and my spots where visably smaller and less red. I really have to admit, the stuff works!

It's advised not to use it too often and to make sure its well diluted. If not you could cause skin irritation and it would defeat the whole point of the bath.

Thumbs up i say! :)



  1. Wow how random!! Isn't detol green too? I think i would be too scared to put that anywhere near my skin lol, great that it has helped you and your brother though!!!

    Will it have long term effects on the skin?

  2. Wow, thats really random.. Where did he hear that from aahaha ?
    I might try that.. x

  3. i've looked it up on the internet and apparently dettol baths are actually quite common :s

    It's not the spray dettol, it comes in a bottle with a cap and it actually has instructions for using it in the bath!

    It also helps with eczema, rashes, sun burn and dandruff apparently, how random is that?

    My brother got it off his friend whos mum use to give him dettol baths as a baby (i've looked this up as well and a lot of people do it). So i guess if mums bathe their babies in it, it can't have any serious long term effects of the skin.

    The only thing is how much of it you put in, put in too much and you could irritate your skin - it is full strength disinfectant after all!

    But appart from that, from what people say about it, it looks safe as houses

    Makes me wonder who was the first person to randomly decide "i'm gonna put dettol in my bath tonight" lol


  4. Wats Dettol??
    i dont have bad aacne but i do have the ZONE being my forhead thats always getting lil spots i hate it=[

  5. lol i ordered some last week especially for this. My mum always enforced dettol baths on us as kids. We hated it but it works... it is quite common in the middle east.

    have you tried the dettol soap as a face wash?