Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy new year! It's resolutions time...

2010 is finally here, and i can't believe it!

I had the most strange year last year, and i'm hoping this year will be a bit more lucky for me. I lost my job in January (my poor bank account has suffered since), i became an auntie (he's so adorable), i had my one year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend :), i almost lost my dad (the worst thing of the year :[) and i went back to college (only to be surrounded by the fresh out of school bunch that are driving me insane!)

So in a bid to start things off on a good note, heres my new years resolutions...

1. stop eating rubbish

2. join a gym - i'm finally having to accept that ever more prominent belly is really there!

3. make my wardrobe "quality not quantity", it really is better to buy something nice from selfridges that will last, than 5 things from primark that will fall apart in a couple of months!

4. find that perfect red lipstick

5. pay more attention to my youtube channel! - i haven't uploaded in ages!

6. make more time for my bestie. Since high school i see her a few times a year (she lives miles away) and it's just not enough.

7. finally accept that no fake tan works for me - and embrace being pale!

8. find a job!

9. sort out my makeup collection, it keeps growing but my storage solution doesnt

and 10. remember to live life to the fullest and be happy, as my mum always says!

happy new year guys :)



  1. I totally agree with the pale one!

    Hope you have a fabulous year x

  2. I need to stop eating so much rubbish :(