Monday, 1 August 2011

Auntie Naomi!

It's been what feels like forever since I last posted, I definitely deserve 'The worlds most Inconsistent Blogger Award". I've had a lot going on, exams and what not, but truthfully my lack of posts is more down to lack of inspiration. I often at times think Im incredibly boring and that no one really wants to read half the ramble I consider posting. But since it's the summer and I have at least another 6 weeks of sweet F.A, I'm going to focus on getting my blogging back on track!

But any-hoo... Over the weekend I headed down south to Leighton Buzzard to visit my older brother and his wife who have just had a little baby girl! She's so gorgeous, she's just over 2 weeks old now. She's ever so quiet and just likes to stare at things, particularly the giraffes on the side of her moses basket. It's so strange to see my brother all grown up with a family, but he's an amazing dad and I just wish he lived closer so I could have more likkle baby cuddles!

You'll have to excuse my shabby appearance, it was 6.30am, I hadn't showered yet and I'd literally just sweeped a bit of mascara on when my mum said she was going to start taking pictures. But here she is, even when her face is squished into my shoulder she still looks cute!


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  1. Congrats on becoming an auntie, shes goreous.