Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday Summary - In the Middle

1 ; I've been sporting a center parting on and off for the last month or so, I was craving a change and center seems to be the new side nower days! I'm still not 100% sold on it, every now and again I go back to the comforts of my comb over only to find it doesn't look right now I've grow out my fringe. I love center partings on other people, and would kill to have that long Kardashian-esk barnet but I feel my face can't take the serevity of it.

2 ; I've been indulging in Topshop a lot the last year, to the point where it has become almost the only store I shop from. I feel Topshop caters for all different types of people with all different styles, and they are able to make really fashion forward pieces that are still toned down enough to last you more than one season. I think I'm going to do a haul post soon with my recent buys.

3 ; I bought some jewellery from the GoGo Philip website, but it hasn't arrived yet and I'm starting to get a bit worried! Has anyone bought off them before? or know the usually delievery time? I just hope it comes soon, I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I bought a gold chain and some gold earrings. I was suprised to find that GoGo Philip jewellery is mostly gold plated, which is excellent for me since I'm allergic to base metal.

4 ; Going to see HP Deathly Hallows PT2 again tonight, this time I'm taking the mother. She likes to wait until the films are almost finished at the cinema to watch them so she can sit where ever she wants and not have to worry about noisy people. I'm treating her to her first 3D film experience since the 80's! No doubt she'll spend the first 10 minutes tripping out haha.

Hope you all had a spiffing weekend x

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