Sunday, 28 August 2011

Steady as she GoGos

I mentioned in my last Sunday Summary how I was so excited to receiving my GoGo Philip order, and it arrived, but I wasn't so excited about what I had received. Long story short, the order was completely messed up due to it having been shipped from a store rather than a warehouse.

The people at GoGo Philip were so unbelievabley kind to me when I contacted them about it. They told me not to go through any hassle of returning the jewellery and that they would refund me my money and send the correct items free of charge. I was flabberghasted! All in all I've received around £80 worth of jewellery, and not because I was a blogger (the order was put in under my mums name as I paid for it on her PayPal account) but just as a regular customer. Now that's what I call good customer service! I think it's so important for companies to have good PR, it really makes a difference to the company's reputation. Some companies (and this is from personal experience) will try and claim no responsibility, mess you around for sometimes weeks on end and try and make it unbelievabley hard for you to get your money back.

It's strange how such a messed up order turned into the best customer service experience I've ever had, I will definately buy from GoGo Philip again because now I know that as a brand, GoGo Philip care about their reputation, they care about their customers and that's what companies should be like. But any way, on to the jewellery...

Some of the jewellery I was sent isn't on the website, so I couldn't give you exact prices. But feel free to go check out the website as they have some amazing pieces! What's great about GoGo Philip as well is their jewellery is either gold of silver plated, perfect for people like me who have allergies to base metals.

Hope you're all having a good weekend xo


  1. wow now thats good customer service x

  2. love the chunky gold earring!