Sunday, 28 August 2011

Steady as she GoGos

I mentioned in my last Sunday Summary how I was so excited to receiving my GoGo Philip order, and it arrived, but I wasn't so excited about what I had received. Long story short, the order was completely messed up due to it having been shipped from a store rather than a warehouse.

The people at GoGo Philip were so unbelievabley kind to me when I contacted them about it. They told me not to go through any hassle of returning the jewellery and that they would refund me my money and send the correct items free of charge. I was flabberghasted! All in all I've received around £80 worth of jewellery, and not because I was a blogger (the order was put in under my mums name as I paid for it on her PayPal account) but just as a regular customer. Now that's what I call good customer service! I think it's so important for companies to have good PR, it really makes a difference to the company's reputation. Some companies (and this is from personal experience) will try and claim no responsibility, mess you around for sometimes weeks on end and try and make it unbelievabley hard for you to get your money back.

It's strange how such a messed up order turned into the best customer service experience I've ever had, I will definately buy from GoGo Philip again because now I know that as a brand, GoGo Philip care about their reputation, they care about their customers and that's what companies should be like. But any way, on to the jewellery...

Some of the jewellery I was sent isn't on the website, so I couldn't give you exact prices. But feel free to go check out the website as they have some amazing pieces! What's great about GoGo Philip as well is their jewellery is either gold of silver plated, perfect for people like me who have allergies to base metals.

Hope you're all having a good weekend xo

Monday, 22 August 2011

Mr Bright Side

Some of you may remember a post I did a while ago about my rather out of character purchase of Costa Chic by MAC. I thought I'd just give you a bit of an update on it - I'm in love! I wore it almost every day whilst on holiday in Spain. Since it's quite a bold colour, I'd say it probably suits more tanned skin tones. So being the untannable woman myself, I find it easier to wear it sheer and dab it over some lip balm. I usually pair it with Head Over Heels cream blush by Topshop, they're very similar colours and so go perfectly together!

Any one else crazy for Costa Chic?


Sunday Summary - In the Middle

1 ; I've been sporting a center parting on and off for the last month or so, I was craving a change and center seems to be the new side nower days! I'm still not 100% sold on it, every now and again I go back to the comforts of my comb over only to find it doesn't look right now I've grow out my fringe. I love center partings on other people, and would kill to have that long Kardashian-esk barnet but I feel my face can't take the serevity of it.

2 ; I've been indulging in Topshop a lot the last year, to the point where it has become almost the only store I shop from. I feel Topshop caters for all different types of people with all different styles, and they are able to make really fashion forward pieces that are still toned down enough to last you more than one season. I think I'm going to do a haul post soon with my recent buys.

3 ; I bought some jewellery from the GoGo Philip website, but it hasn't arrived yet and I'm starting to get a bit worried! Has anyone bought off them before? or know the usually delievery time? I just hope it comes soon, I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I bought a gold chain and some gold earrings. I was suprised to find that GoGo Philip jewellery is mostly gold plated, which is excellent for me since I'm allergic to base metal.

4 ; Going to see HP Deathly Hallows PT2 again tonight, this time I'm taking the mother. She likes to wait until the films are almost finished at the cinema to watch them so she can sit where ever she wants and not have to worry about noisy people. I'm treating her to her first 3D film experience since the 80's! No doubt she'll spend the first 10 minutes tripping out haha.

Hope you all had a spiffing weekend x

Monday, 1 August 2011

Auntie Naomi!

It's been what feels like forever since I last posted, I definitely deserve 'The worlds most Inconsistent Blogger Award". I've had a lot going on, exams and what not, but truthfully my lack of posts is more down to lack of inspiration. I often at times think Im incredibly boring and that no one really wants to read half the ramble I consider posting. But since it's the summer and I have at least another 6 weeks of sweet F.A, I'm going to focus on getting my blogging back on track!

But any-hoo... Over the weekend I headed down south to Leighton Buzzard to visit my older brother and his wife who have just had a little baby girl! She's so gorgeous, she's just over 2 weeks old now. She's ever so quiet and just likes to stare at things, particularly the giraffes on the side of her moses basket. It's so strange to see my brother all grown up with a family, but he's an amazing dad and I just wish he lived closer so I could have more likkle baby cuddles!

You'll have to excuse my shabby appearance, it was 6.30am, I hadn't showered yet and I'd literally just sweeped a bit of mascara on when my mum said she was going to start taking pictures. But here she is, even when her face is squished into my shoulder she still looks cute!