Monday, 30 November 2009

Mini haul - Body Shop goodies! :)

Like many people, i've always thought of the Body Shop as "that place that sells nice body butters" and thats it. But after much um-ing and ah-ing i decided to venture into the Body Shop and try some of their other stuff.

and they don't half love giving away freebies!

So these are the things i actually bought:

Tea tree blackhead scub
Tea tree blemish fade night lotion
Tea tree face mask
Almond oil hand rescue treatment
Blush in no.12
Eye shadow in no.02 (this isn't on the picture coz i've left it at my bfs :[)

The Almond oil daily hand and nail cream was free for buying 2 skin care products

The Coconut shimmer body butter was free for spending £25 on any items in store

The Glitter eyes eyeliner and mascara duo was free for buying 2 makeup products

and the Coconut body milk and shower gel duo was free because i had £5 to spend from my Love You Body card!

I haven't tried them all yet (if only i had the time!) But the blush has replaced my Mac Pinch o Peach, the eye shadow is the most amazing lid colour and the coconut shimmer body butter is just heavenly!

Hopefully the rest of them will be just as good :)


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  1. I love body shop, last year if you had spent over £50 they gave you a big brown bag, full of goodies ! So my mum got all of the presents for the family there!

    That blush looks lush