Sunday, 3 January 2010

New years day haul!

Over christmas i came up with an idea, what if i raided the sales on new years day? Everyone else would be either still drunk or have a hang over and i'd have the trafford centre all to myself! haha

Turns out i wasn't the only one who had this idea, as the trafford centre was packed as usual! But i still managed to pick up some bargains :)

First off i popped into LUSH. I got three gifts, two of which were marked down christmas ones and one was a full priced, non christmas gift with some of my favs in....

Ice blue soap

Mr Butterball bath ballistic

Cinders bath ballistic

Happy Hippy showel gel

Father frost soap

Strawberry santa shower jelly

Sugar scrub

Happy hippy shower gel

Up you gets emotibomb

Sandstone soap

+ 2 x 10% off vouchers and a £5 off voucher with the gifts

total price = £24.14


Next up was the Body Shop, and with body butter at £5 i couldn't resist getting more than one!

They also had an offer for any two big bottles of shampoo for £12, i've never tried Body Shop shampoos so i thought i'd give them ago.

and last but not least, a mattifying day cream from the sea weed/oily combination range. I was impressed by their tea tree blemish fading night lotion so decided to invest in one of their day creams.

Raspberry body butter

Blueberry body butter

Peach Body butter

Nettle oil balancing shampoo

Olive glossing shampoo

Sea weed mattifying day cream

Total price (including 10% off and an extra £5 off with my Love Your Body card) = £27

Note: Love Your Body cards are a great investment (if you like the body shop that is!) You pay an annual membership fee of £5 for the card, and with the card you get...

. 10% off ALL purchases for a year.

. £5 off in your birthday month

. £5 off on your 4th stamp on the card (you can only get stamps with store perchases)

. £10 off on your 8th stamp

. invitations to exclusive member events

. exclusive offers

. updates on product launches and offers

Over all, i'd say that was a good haul :)

i'll probably do reviews on the LUSH stuff soon, as there is a lot to get through!



  1. You picked up some really lovely things :) I have never tried anything from Lush, theres so much to choose from I wouldnt know what to pick :$ haha! Check out my blog - I did my first post today :D. x

  2. Great haul! Love Lush so much. I got mountains of it too, best time of the year to buy it I reckon hehe. x

  3. You got some good bargins!
    Thanks 4 talkin about the love your body card as ive never heard of it before, think i may have to invest in this


  4. Some great bargains there. I really want the peach body butter! I use the seaweed mattifying day cream and my daily moisturiser and I love it!! x

  5. I really need to try lush out so many people are sayin how good it is :)