Monday, 4 January 2010

Product recycling?

So if you read my last product bashing post, you'll already know what i think of LUSH's green sugar scrub!

It's way too abrasive from me to use on its own, but i was informed by the lovely Martha of how to get the most out of the product, with out any physical damage!

things you will need:

an empty pot of some kind (not too small)
sugar scrub
your choice of shower gel - happy hippy in my case

Crumble up the sugar scrub into the pot. Works better if yours isn't slighty wet like mine was!

Squeeze in your chosen shower gel. Dont go over board though! Other wise the end product will be too runny and the sugar particles will be too far spread.

Give it a good ol' mix! It will bubble a bit but hey, it's shower gel, what do you expect?

and there you have it :) one less product to go in the bin!



  1. Looks good! :-) I hope it's going to work for you! Who would want to use a product which hurts the skin...?

  2. Good idea! My sugar scrub has just been sat rejected since its first dissapointing use, think i will have to give this a go too!