Sunday, 3 January 2010

Review: LUSH green sugar scrub

I'm very sad to say - LUSH, i've got a bone to pick with you!

I got this product in the "seasons greeting" gift i bought in my new years day haul. It's bascially LUSH's take on a body scrub, and since LUSH products never seem to disappoint me (except maybe scent wise!) i had high expectations.

Sunday night is my pamper night, and pamper night always includes a good scrub! At the moment my go to scrub is Soap & Glorys Sugar Crush body scrub, but i'm always eager to try out new products so tonight i let LUSH's scrub take center stage.

The directions say to not put it in direct contact with the shower water, other wise the product will disappear before your eyes! Just "scrub, scrub, scrub and rise away" were the instructions so i got on scrubbing.

and oh... my... god... did it hurt!

I've never been one to shy away from really gritty scrubs, but this product takes it to a whole new level! I'd like to bring to your attention Subject A...

My poor scratched up arm! :(

I don't really think i need to say much more, the picture pretty much sums up my review.

But i was so shocked by the result i took to LUSH's website to check other peoples reviews, thinking i might have just been given a dodgey one. Here are some reviews from other LUSH customers...

"I am a big fan of lush and own many products. Sadly this one also left me with scratches on my skin and also feeling quite sore with my skin irritated. I will try again with a small piece removed and crumbled to see if that works better"

"I hated this product!! It smelled lovely, but it was so painful! I was left with scratches all over my arms and legs. Beware if you have sensitive skin!! "

"I love the smell and I love the idea - but when I make my own body scrubs I use soft brown sugar because it scrubs without scratching the skin so much as to draw blood....this product could be so good if the sugar were of a more suitable type - but as my leg was left bleeding and I didn't dare try it anywhere more delicate I have to give it the lowest rating I can I'm afraid"

"I really wanted to like this product after reading some of the good reports on here, but it is very much not for me. I am covered in scratches from it, some of which are quite deep and sore, I didn't even 'scrub' that hard! Shame as I really wanted to like this product! It also means I can't wear my dress tonight and have to cover up instead, so I am doubly gutted! "

Don't get me wrong - i love LUSH and almost all their products i've tried, and i hate that this review sounds more like a bashing session, but i really can't stress how much i dislike this product.

Have any of you tried this product or the sugar babe scrub? If so how did you get on with it?



  1. I tried this!! It gave just the same effect on my legs as it did your arm. Waaaay too abrasive, i didnt like it either :(

  2. Hi Naomi! I have also tried this scrub and I really love it. I always break it up before using it. One quarter mixed with some shower gel and water makes a great paste for the whole body and isn't nearly as abrasive as when being used as a big chunk.

  3. this makes me sad :( I recently got one- and yet to use it. Thought it looked so good too :(
    just started following ur blog and loving it
    steph x

  4. @steph0188 thanks :). crumble it up and mix it with shower gel, but whatever you do DONT use it in one big chunk or else you'll end up like my arm! xo