Saturday, 9 January 2010

They've arrived!

The rest of my failed shoe haul came today! they're both by OFFICE London and both absolutely stunning!

First up, "Well Hello" Wedge.

I accidentally deleted the picture of me wearing them, not with it today!

I have a thing for, lets say, "odd" shoes. The kind of shoes that you can't help but look at when they enter a room. These epitomize this for me! The mold of the wooden wedge is so interesting to look at, granted some people might think it looks weird, but i think it's stunning.

RRP = £85

Price i got them off ebay = £20 :)

and then i got the "Something Risque" Metallic Pewter heels, they're absolutely gorgeous!

RRP = £75

Price i got them off ebay = £20

Altogether, all 3 pairs cost me (including P&P) about £95. Considering this is less than the RRP for the TOPSHOP boutique gladiators, i'd say this was one sucsessful haul!



  1. Wow them shoes are awesome i never find good bargains like that on ebay well done hehe :)

  2. Love the shoes!
    Was just going to answer your comment about your layout but it looks like you managed it!

  3. omg there such good finds! i never seem to find any good bargains like that! i <3 the Pewter ones!

    Such a cute blog ... gonna follow ... would love it if you decided to check out mine and follow!

  4. Both those pairs of shoes are gorgeous!
    I love them(:

    xoxo S

  5. Those wedges are AMAZING!! xx

  6. Wow bargains! I think I'd break my neck in the wedges though ha xx