Wednesday, 6 January 2010

This morning i woke up to...

Top Shop Boutigue's 'Primal' gladiator heels!

RRP = £100, Price i got them off ebay = £45

I buy loads of things off ebay - clothes, shoes, bags. The reason? Why pay £100 for a pair of heavenly shoes, when you can get said pair of heavenly shoes for under half the price off ebay?

I've been craving these shoes for a couple of months now. But when i first saw them, by the time i'd managed to salvage every penny i had into my bank account, they were completely sold out. Not just in my size, but in every size!

So you can imagine my excitement when i came across these!

They're white leather with a snake skin print on the sides. Bronze and white leather cage detail on the front with two cute buckles on the outer sides. Boasting a 5.5 inch heel with a 1 inch platform, i'm in love! :)

I also bought two other pairs of shoes for a fraction of their RRP, i was going to wait till i received them all to do a 'shoe haul' post, but i was far too excited about these :)

I'll be receiving the other two pairs within the week, so expect more lovely shoe posts to come!



  1. I LOVE finding stuff on Ebay that otherwise sold out in stores that you were desperate to buy but missed out on!

  2. Woah! They're gorgeous! :) Nice find! Haha :)
    I have to try and stay away from Ebay, otherwise I'd get addicted no doubt! :) Yet another lovely blog post! :)
    Love, Lucy @ :) xx

  3. dyying over these shoes!