Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dear Santa, Please can I have...

A Cloud 9 'O' Pleeease?

I am lusting over this beautiful contraption rather badly. After seeing the lovely Milly's (of Pearls & Poodles) review on it and seeing how amazingly bouncy and volumised it made her hair, I've been desperate to get myself some 'O' action.

I can't help but be put off by the price tag of £149 though, and that's not even including the rollers! Being a sucker for big hair, I've tried almost every curler and roller set I could get my hands on and they've all left both my hair and my expectations slightly deflated.

The 'O', according to Cloud 9, is the "next generation of styling" and I must say, I've certainly never seen anything like it. From what I gather, you take your roller size of choice (which has to be a Cloud 9 'O' roller, they retail in packs of 4 ranging from £15.95-£18.95), you pop the roller into the 'O' and wait a super speedy 4 seconds for the 'O' to heat up and voila! Your ready for the fiddly bit.

I've read a few good reviews on the 'O' but £149+ is a lot to spend and become disappointed.

Have any of you tried the 'O'? If so, what do you make of it's volumising skills?


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