Monday, 6 December 2010

Milo's all ready for his first Christmas!

Hey lovelies :) Hope you've all had a jolly good weekend!

So Milo's around 20 weeks now but it seems like only 2 weeks have passed since i first blogged about him! He's getting big (even though he's still tiny!)

I've been looking for coats and cosy jumpers for him now the weather is cold and I've recently purchased the cutest little Christmas jumper off a website called Urban Pup (

How adorable does he look?! I also bought him a personalised hoodie off the site with his name in on the back, written in bones!

Heres some other recent pictures of my little man...



  1. He looks so adoreable and his jumper is so cute! I wish I had a puppy to spoil haha xxx

  2. hehe aww! my doggy's called Milo too :) xo

  3. Oh gosh your dog is too cute in that sweater!

  4. OMG - your dog is the cutest and this jumper is ACE! x x