Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My first LUSH encounter!

Like many people, i walk past LUSH almost every time i go shopping and am enticed by the smell. But i go in and have no idea what anything is! Theres people everywhere coz it's always super busy and if i stay in too long and the smell gives me a head ache.

For those reasons i've always stayed clear of LUSH, that and i'm unfortunate enough to have a perfume allergy and assumed that no smell that strong could be natural! But after doing my research i found most of the ingrediants are natural so i decided to give LUSH a go.

Rather than go into the store and spend loads of money on things i don't know i'll like, i headed over to ebay where you can pick up 15 random samples for 7 pounds, thats with postage and packaging!

I think this is a good bargain. and because they're random samples, you get to try things you might not pick up in the store. I received mine today :)! and heres what i got....

sand stone
ice blue
honey i washed the kids
angel delight (i tried to find this on the website to see what the full size looks like but it's not on there :s)
vanilla in the mist

Bubble Bars
the comforter
blue skies and fluffy white clouds
gold star

jingle spells
lush pud

something that could be either a bubble bar or a ballistic but wasn't labeled! i'll probably use it as a bubble bar and see whether it bubbles or not, then i'll know.

Massage Bar
strawberry feels forever

Body Lotion
dream cream

I can't wait to get trying them! They all smell so amazing! They were delivered when i was at college and my mum had put the package in my room, so when i got home my room smelled so gorgeous.

I'll let you know how i get on and also try to find out what the mysterious unnamed sample is :)



  1. Love your layout!!! Have a look on my blog! ALso just starting... :-)

  2. yes totally agree about lush - it's one of those places you always see but never go in.
    it has some pretty nice stuff though, but only if you like baths of course!
    great blog - loving your wallpaper btw.
    you obviously like beauty products....have you seen our beauty giveaway yet? check it out if not :)

    lots of tbag love xx