Sunday, 18 October 2009

I love you, batiste!

I'm a dry shampoo addict, and not ashamed to say it! It goes every where with me and my brand of choice is Batiste. It's cheap as chips and really good quality. I've used other brands before but i always come back to this one.

I have dark brown hair, and if you have too you'll probably know that dry shampoo isn't as forgiving to us brunettes as it is to blondes! Accidentally put too much on and you get a not so lovely greyish tint to your hair.

So any way, I was browsing ASOS's beauty "just in" section when i found... Batiste's new dry shampoos for brunette and black hair!

I'm pretty excited to say the least!

it doesn't really say much about the product, only that they're specially formulated for brunette and black hair. But i've put my faith in Batiste and ordered some :)

fingers crossed! my hair could be greyish tint free in no time.



  1. Thanx for following... :-)
    Do you know any other place than ASOS where you can buy Batiste? It sounds great, but I have never used dry shampoo before.

  2. hey :)
    Batiste is sold pretty much everywhere in the uk but might be tricky to get else where! your best bet would probably be to try ebay, amazon or to go to some drug stores around where you live and dry shampoos are usually near the hair sprays and styling products. hope that helps x

  3. Hey

    I just noticed this on ASOS today but Im not really a fan of Batiste so didnt bother with a purchase I prefer Lee Staffords Dry Shampoo I have brown hair also & jsut find that this one works better & smells alot better too lol cute blog BTW

    Juicygirl xoxo