Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lil bit of TOPSHOP

When i'm at college i have to walk past topshop twice a day! and i can't help but want half of everything in it. Every week or so they change up the front window which is my cue for a little nosy!

Today was one of those days. The window was looking all lovely and new so after college i went in for a browse. I should know by now there is no such thing as me going in to topshop for a "browse". I ended up spending almost £50. Expensive browsing!

Heres what i got :)

I've had my eye on this shirt for ages! But when i found it was the last 8 i pounced on it haha.

This is just a plain peachy coloured v-neck top with cute detailing on the back. I love how topshops plain stuff always has something different about it.

I'm going into Manchester this weekend with my boyfriend and there will hopefully be a haul video up soon of what i get :)

and i'll try not to get lured in by topshop again! But i'm not making any promises.


1 comment:

  1. I've always wanted a shirt like the one above, yet never had it in me to buy it - I'm always scared I'll look like a twonk! Ha :) Bet yours looks lovely though!
    This post really made me smile! I myself am from Manchester, and the College that I'm going to this coming September, is right near a - like, a five minute, ten minute walk into the town? - Topshop store :) Highly unlikely that it's the same college and store, but It's nice to know, regardless that there are people interested in the beauty community right near you :)
    Keep up the lovely work!
    Lucy xx